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NAVM13 Meeting Tomorrow!

2011-01-15 11:52:16 by NateVarmac

Man, I LOVE Newgrounds' news thing. Anyway, William is coming over my house tomorrow (and Thomas might be too) to discuss the future of NAVM. I've got another script under way and I want to rename NAVM since if you say it to someone and they try to look for it, they're bound to misspell it. It's still the other stuff I wanted to change, which you can find in the last post, I believe, so I'm not going to bother repeating myself. This was just to say that the future of NAVM WILL BE DISCUSSED.

I'm taking a break from that other Flash I posted about, since I got another shorter, simpler nerdy idea. This Flash is going to make fun of those "Get a Mac" ads which I loved when they played. It's going to be 30 seconds long and feature Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, as a Mac (duhr), and Bill Gates, CEO of Microsoft, as a PC (double duhr). I have another episode similar to this upcoming one featuring an iPad instead of a Mac. I'm hoping it could spawn a second series! I'm entitling this one "Get a Steve - Mac," and the second "Get a Steve - iPad" since I'm going to make it more about Bill & Steve than the actual product.

Now, about my first series-NAVM13. William and I are planning to revive it, since it's been "dead," but I want to change the name and upload the videos on my YouTube Channel. The channel problem isn't an issue here since on Newgrounds, you can share author credit. I just think uploading onto a separate channel is a hassle. I also want to change the name from NAVM13 to something different, It's such a confusing name, and I want people to be able to find the videos, William agrees with me on these points.

Well, that's all! Bye!


2010-12-19 11:06:50 by NateVarmac

If you read my Twitter, then you'd know a new Flash is under way.

Recently I got into VOCALOID, a Japanese program featuring Anime-style characters that you can make sing songs, and found the song "Metldown" by iroha (it's on iTunes). I loved it so much, I searched for an English version- Meltdown Hard RK Mix sung by the Engloid Sweet Ann. I have already started, and besides one ugly picture, it's coming out great! I started it yesterday, and it's five minutes long, but I feel pretty confident in my return to Flash!

Flash (Again)

2010-08-19 19:39:56 by NateVarmac

Hello guys! Guess what, no Flash videos for a while! It's because I lost Flash... here's how:

My computer was running slow. We found out that was because there was a lot of stuff on my hard drive. Too much to delete one file at a time. So we backed the important stuff up and crashed the computer.

Now it's back running, you may be wondering about the Flash failure. No, I didn't forget about it. I backed it up, which, as it turns out, you're not supposed to do that. So, Adobe is no longer letting me use the $600 program my dad used his long-spent time and hard-earned money on. Until this is sorted out, Flash is not one of my programs in my Applications folder.


2010-05-24 18:33:08 by NateVarmac

Guess what? I'm making music for JarodsWurldStudios! His videos sometimes have copyrighted music, therefore YouTube disables his audio. This way, he can keep making new videos with the audio and reclaim the old ones.

Leg-Oh, No! - Land Postponed

2010-05-19 16:40:08 by NateVarmac

Okay, the episode is not going as smoothly as I'd hoped it would, so don't expect it to be up until maybe 2-3 months from now. I'm sorry it's taking so long, but I'm putting effort into this one! I may go into Animation when I'm older, so this will be great practice. At least school for me ends in about 20-25 days, because then I'll have no more homework, and that's been keeping me pretty busy. Sorry!


2010-04-25 16:23:18 by NateVarmac

Hey guys! Our next NAVM13 episode, Leg-Oh, No!-Land, is coming out soon (like, in a month)! The plot line I will commit to secrecy, but I WILL say that we will be collaborating with Jarod and Joe of JarodsWurldStudios! Stay tuned!

Pencil Tool VS Brush Tool

2010-04-24 10:26:54 by NateVarmac

Okay, Logan brought the Pencil Tool to my attention. Up until today, I had no idea what it did. Then I found out and drew a side-by-side comparison with the brush tool. Interesting, huh?

Pencil Tool VS Brush Tool

A Little Passage

2010-02-28 09:22:41 by NateVarmac

Okay, so, you've all seen my "animating" style. Now, since I'm actually starting to animate for real, I'm drawing my characters a little differently. This should clear up any "THAT LOOKS LIKE EDDSWORLD!!!" issues along the way. Here's a preview of my new style.

A Little Passage


2010-02-20 09:51:57 by NateVarmac

Hello again, Neogeites! To fill you in after a bleak emptiness of no news from me, I am 95% finished with the Secret Project, and as you watch, you may notice the quality slowly getting better as it progresses! Here's the scoop: William, Tom and I (the new NAVM13 lineup) have decided to do two things in our episodes: 1.) Put a Beatles reference SOMEWHERE (be it audio or visual) (also, there IS in fact a Beatles reference in our Halloween Special), and 2.) There is a new character called the Emo who dies in everyepisode (NOT in the Halloween Special). The idea behind the Emo isn't we hate emos, but rather it would be funny for someone who longs for death so much ends up achieving it, only to return next time! Get it?

So, that's pretty much it, and thanks for reading this.